BMC Bioinformatics Supplement with the Best Papers of 2012 Published

Today, BMC Bioinformatics published "Highlights from the 2nd IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization", it's supplement featuring the best papers of BioVis 2012. The articles are open access and are available here.

Best Paper and Best Poster Awards!

We are happy to announce the submissions that received an award:

Best Paper: enRoute: Dynamic Path Extraction from Biological Pathway Maps for In-Depth Experimental Data Analysis
Christian Partl, Alexander Lex, Marc Streit, Denis Kalkofen, Karl Kashofer, Dieter Schmalstieg

Best Paper Honorable mention: INCIDE the Brain of a Bee: Visualising Honeybee Brain Activity in Real Time by Semantic Segmentation
Martin Strauch, Marc P. Broeg, Clemens Müthing, Paul Szyszka, Oliver Deussen, C. Giovanni Galizia, Dorit Merhof

Best Paper Honorable mention: Dynamic Channels in Biomolecular Systems: Path Analysis and Visualization
Norbert Lindow, Daniel Baum, Ana-Nicoleta Bondar, Hans-Christian Hege

Best Poster: MedSavant: Visual Analytics for Genetic Variation Datasets
Marc Fiume, Eric Smith, Andrew Brook, Michael Brudno

BioVis 2013 Website is online!

We launched the BioVis 2013 website including information on the 2013 venue as well as a specification of the 2013 contest.

We hope to see you all in Atlanta!


BioVis 2012 Feedback

We would like to ask everyone who attended BioVis 2012 - both the whole meeting or only parts of it - to answer a few questions in our survey to help us evaluate the meeting. This feedback is crucial for the planning of future meetings. The BioVis organizers would be very grateful for your comments.

Please take the survey!

BioVis Venue Information

BioVis will be held in conjunction with VisWeek at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel

All BioVis sessions except the poster viewing will take place in Ballroom C on the 2nd Floor. Posters will be set up in the 2nd Floor Foyer. The VisWeek program contains a map of the location.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at BioVis 2012!

BioVis early registration deadline on September 7th

BioVis 2012 promises two full days of exciting talks on cutting-edge research in biological data visualization. The program includes sessions on systems biology and omics data, neurobiology, cellular data and molecular pathways as well as a poster and demo session. A keynote by Christof Koch (Caltech & Allen Brain Institute) and challenges talks by Inna Dubchak (LNBL) and Valerie Daggett (University of Washington) will be among the highlights of the symposium.

Papers and Posters online!

The titles and authors of all accepted BioVis papers and posters are now online.

Submission Deadline

The contest entry submission deadline has been updated to July 11.


The rapidly expanding application of experimental high-throughput and high-resolution methods in biology is creating enormous challenges for the visualization of biological data. To address these challenges, researchers in the visualization and bioinformatics communities need to engage in the design, implementation, application, and evaluation of novel visualization techniques and tools that provide insight into large and highly complex data sets.

BioVis 2012 - the 2nd IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization - aims at bringing together researchers from the visualization, bioinformatics, and biology communities to establish an interdisciplinary dialogue and to promote the sharing of expertise, between both meeting participants and the communities at large. The meeting is intended to educate, inspire, and engage visualization researchers in problems in biological data visualization, as well as bioinformatics and biology researchers in state-of-the-art visualization research.

The symposium will serve as a platform for researchers from these fields to increase the impact of data visualization approaches in biology. The breadth and diversity of biological research topic areas will enable researchers from all parts of the visualization and bioinformatics communities to contribute to this effort and the symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to initiate interdisciplinary collaborations.

BioVis 2012 will be taking place on 14-15 October 2012 in Seattle, WA and will be co-located with IEEE VisWeek 2012. IEEE VisWeek is the premier forum for visualization advances for academia, government, and industry, bringing together researchers and practitioners with a shared interest in tools, techniques, technology, and theory.

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